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Dark Olympus Iconography

Katee Robert's Dark Olympus series is an ICONIC retelling of so many of our favorite myths. I was so honored that she asked me to create an image for each of the Thirteen. In creating each image I wanted to honor the spirit of the myth of each god, while bringing it into the modern age. Katee's books are so rich and compelling I wanted these image to invoke the same feeling that slipping in to the pages of her books does. 

You can find these images now on stickers and keychains in Katee's etsy shop here.


These are my initial sketches that I sent to Katee. Each Image needed to have a dynamic presence as a black and white logo, a full color image, as well as a limited color palette to be used for enamel pins or keychains. Below you will find the finished full color images. 

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