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Hello Romancelandia!

I suppose it's pretty crazy that I have been a resident of Romancelandia for years and am only just now officially introducing myself.

My name is Shannon. I am a born and raised ATLien (native atlanta). By day I work as a wedding florist, and by night I love creating art and reading romance novels. Whether it is a pen and ink drawing,calligraphy, or a digital illustration, I can't seem to stop creating.

I am an Endometrial Cancer survivor and that journey has taught me so much. At home I am lucky enough to live with my lifelong BFF and an always entertaining cast of animals. We have one angry dog (Beau), four hilarious cats (Bella, Cheeto, Thackery Binx, and Mirabel, and we currently have a foster dog named Huey Lewis)

I read my first romance novel at 12 years old and I've never stopped. Romance is unmatched, it saves lives. The Romancelandia community has carried me through some of my darkest days and has given me some of my closest friends.

I hope that this blog will give me a place to include my art process, my travels, my love of books. So much! So, hang around and see what happens.

Curley headed woman standing in front of the "Books Are Magic" mural in Brooklyn.
Book shopping in Brooklyn

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